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water audits

Being efficient in terms of water management is one of the best ways to save on water costs and consumption.

What is a water audit?

A water audit aims to identify inefficiencies and potential savings in water consumption.

The strategic analysis, Benchmarking, is a tool that allows an analysis of water performance in various sectors and business segments, allowing an x-ray of the installation and where to focus efforts for savings.

Benchmarking allows:

  • provide important information on your water consumption
  • identify less efficient zones/areas
  • allow you to compare your company’s performance with others in the same industry/sector
  • help you identify improvement measures.

A water audit consists of three key points:

a. Analysis of the working environment

Work environment analysis will be carried out, with validation of the water supplier’s invoices ensuring that the tariff the customer is on is ideal for their business.

Historical consumption data will also be analysed in order to identify consumption patterns and abnormal periods of use.

b. Site visit

A technical site visit allows a systematic approach to analysing the water network, appliances and use of the facilities.

Green World seeks to identify any leaks, waste areas or inefficiencies in water use.

During the visit, all technical aspects will be discussed with facility managers and key members of staff in order to gather an accurate understanding of water usage practices and processes with a view to implementing improvement measures.

For a reduction and optimization of costs and water consumption, a training on water efficiency will also be carried out in order to involve all users of the facility.

c. Report

In a last phase, a water audit report is presented which will summarise all the conclusions, improvement measures and water consumption rationalisation plan.

This report will focus on the excess consumption with recommendations on how to reduce usage.

The Green World team will present measures on how to improve practices and which devices can be installed to increase efficiency, with a summary of potential savings.

Questions and Answers:

How can my business benefit from a water audit?

The GREEN WORLD team will work closely with you to set goals and objectives and ensure that the information gathered is effective in driving efficiency to the optimisation of your consumption.

When problem areas are identified, we can help you introduce water saving techniques to ensure best practice across your business.

We can work with your staff, providing training where necessary and equipping them with the tools to maintain efficient processes and ensure optimum performance.

who are water audits suitable for?

Any business can benefit from a water audit. If you want to reduce your water bills, the GREEN WORLD team is your solution!

how can I do a water audit?

If you think your business could benefit from a water audit, contact us to find out more – deh@greenworld.pt.

how much does a water audit cost?

The cost of a water audit varies depending on your business requirements. If you are interested in a water audit, please contact us for a personalised quote – deh@greenworld.pt.

water efficiency tips:

It pays to be water efficient.

Being water efficient means your business benefits from:

  • savings from increased operational and energy efficiency and reduced on-site water production and treatment costs
  • reduced effluent volumes due to less water consumption and, in many cases, lower effluent treatment or disposal costs
  • a good return on investment in recycling and re-use of water investments
  • reduced carbon footprint and improved corporate social responsibility

green world offering:

  • water efficiency audits
  • implementation of smart meters allow you to measure water use as frequently as every 15 minutes and can help identify leaks or inefficiencies
  • a customised programme developed by us can help you manage your water consumption and achieve targets
  • benchmarking is a useful management tool for setting realistic targets and using key performance analysis to see how your business measures up against peers
  • expert advice from our team on the latest water efficiency concepts, including water saving devices and recycling tools.

monitoring of water consumption:

Get smart with data and reduce your water consumption costs.

what is water consumption monitoring?

Automated meter reading technology has revolutionised water consumption monitoring. It uses real-time data to monitor usage as often as every 15 minutes.

The data can be fed into your existing management/monitoring system, or used in a simple web application.

how can my business benefit from automated consumption monitoring?

Changes in water usage can indicate leaks, inefficient practices or processes, or problems with valves, etc. By detecting them as soon as possible, you will reduce water loss, avoiding additional and unnecessary costs and reducing disruption to your business.

the device will enable your business:

  • analyse the data
  • identify any anomalies
  • compare performance across sites
  • compare your consumption with identical sites.

how much does a water audit cost?

The cost of a water audit varies depending on your business requirements. If you are interested in a water audit, please contact us for a personalised quote – deh@greenworld.pt.

Contact us to find out more. – deh@greenworld.pt 

who is automated water consumption monitoring for?

Any business can benefit from monitoring, but businesses that use a large volume of water, such as manufacturers, or have large or complex sites, such as hotels and Municipalities, can benefit significantly.

If your business has experienced problems with water leaks/theft, you will also benefit from this solution as you will be able to identify and correct them quickly.

how can I monitor my water consumption?

If you are interested in a monitoring solution, contact us to find out more – deh@greenworld.pt

Before we install the system, we will discuss which areas represent the best saving opportunities to implement.

The Green World team can then manage your water consumption. During the course of our service, you will receive a monthly report with advice on active and passive measures for better use and optimisation of water.

how much does it cost to monitor my water consumption?

The cost varies depending on the requirements of your installations. If you are interested in a quote, please contact us to find out more. – deh@greenworld.pt


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