sustainable tourism

Green World ally to the need of a lesser energy and environmental impacts in the tourism sector, it is more necessary than ever in a context of increasing global vulnerability and in order to foster a sustainable future.

At Green World we know the importance that tourism currently represents in the economy and the importance of our clients business. Our role is to establish a partnership experience with touristic ventures, offering a 360º resource management, focused on energy strand, where it is possible to obtain a faster return on investment.


Reduction of power bill
Resources optimisation
Energy production


CSR implementation
Employees training
Green Marketing


Feasibility studies
100% financing
Return through savings

what are the advantages to your business?

The activities of Green World in the field of Sustainable Tourism include a partnership with the management of touristic venture, with the guarantee of energy savings and increments of social and environmental plans.

  • ensuring the long-term economic viability of the operations;
  • gains in image and market expansion;
  • maintain the high level of customer satisfaction;
  • ensure the quality of processes, products and actions;
  • increase in competitiveness;
  • increase in motivation and involvement of employees and stakeholders;
  • Green Marketing strategies.

possibility of financing at 100%

Green World solutions in Sustainable Tourism represent a path towards sustainability, where the value to be invested initially is defined by project and is subject of possibility of financing at 100%.

After the implementation of the defined efficiency methodology, it is the resulting economic savings that will reimburse the initial value invested.

This effective economic mechanism allows a smooth implementation of sustainability and efficiency measures.

turismo sustentável

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