The specialized drone services enable you to execute your terrestrial and marine mapping projects by exploring a particular route, making the quickly sweep of a surface, and creating high resolution images using LiDAR technology.

With Green World georeferencing service we offer our customers the following results:

  • global vision of a particular population density;
  • demography;
  • monitoring water supply and quality;
  • survey of industrial areas;
  • topographical surveys;
  • mapping of urban areas for the planning of land use areas;
  • inspection of infrastructures;
  • security, search and rescue.

inspection of infrastructures

Green World can help the oil or gas industries by using drones to inspect their platforms, refineries, and pipelines. The technology we have is used to examine and reach anywhere.

The infrastructure monitoring is one of the main uses of drone technologies in the industry. The use of drones in the maintenance of telecommunication towers will allow a significant reduction of operational costs for our clients.

Other uses of drones for inspection:

  • high-voltage lines;
  • potentially dangerous infrastructures;
  • wind turbines;
  • bridges;
  • monuments;
  • solar installations;
  • gas pipelines;
  • cell towers;
  • seaports;
  • other heavy industries.

security, search and rescue

Drones can be controlled to safely examine emergency scenarios and locate possible victims. The RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) can transport and distribute items such as lifejackets, first-aid kits, food, drinking water, clothing, others.

With RPAS it is possible to:

  • monitor catastrophes;
  • monitor land-landslide areas;
  • missing persons search missions;
  • fire-setting scene inspections;
  • post-disaster relief operations;
  • monitoring of aircraft drop zones and their debris;
  • other natural disasters or catastrophes caused by human being.


In agriculture, as an added value, it is possible to identify methods for reducing treatment costs and increasing crop production. In fact, we will help you to produce bigger and better crops, increasing your profits.

We make your access to a more intelligent farming easier. Whether you pilot your own drone in combination with our data processing or choose one of our most complete solutions, we are the ideal solution for your projects.

Accurate information, obtained through agricultural monitoring drones, will allow you to optimize consumptions and reduce large-scale expenditures. The solutions associated with our agricultural drone service are economically viable and supported by state-of-the-art equipment, giving you access to the quick tools needed for your agricultural project.

Some of the most valuable information from a precision program comes from data on all crop fields, seasonal crops, and their current condition. With access to this data an experienced farmer can identify at an early stage all the problems that may arise and still opt for the solutions that best suit.

Avoiding crop loss by early identification of pests and the stage of development of a plant, the fast assessment after climatic events and to be aware of crop reactions to precision applications, are fundamental methods for producers convert drone services for agriculture in an increase in profit from crops.

Our farm drone service provides complete and fully integrated solutions that include everything you need to take full advantage of next-generation tools. Get closer to the speed of the 21st century and feel how the faster, more accurate collection of information leads to accurate and anticipated identification and resolution of problems.

We provide complete and customized systems to meet all your needs, and in each solution is integrated an agricultural drone of your choice in a robust case with modified and adjusted sensors, top-class documentation and specific support for agriculture. Each system is provided with our software analysis platform in order to transform the data collected by drones into reports, and data that integrates directly with most of the property management systems.


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