energy management

The management of a building is an intense activity and often uses more energy than necessary, thus increasing operating costs and without prior notice. In this regard, Green World supports the management of all energy consumptions of your building with an intelligent system adapted to your reality, allowing you to continue to carry out the same activities, but with effective energy savings.

Green World energy management system allows control of consumption and costs (energy, gas and water) anywhere, in a simple and easy way.

“On average 30% of the energy consumption of a building derives from bad use practices and maladjusted procedures. Example: absence of artificial lighting use policies. “

For an efficient optimization of the energy consumptions it is necessary:

  • detailed knowledge (where energy is used);
  • quality assurance (energy and distribution network).

Green World energy management system gives your building the following energy optimization skills:

  • monitor;
  • control;
  • analyze.


  • implementation of an energy monitoring system (electricity, water, gas, etc.);
  • monitoring system, with interconnection of control units (sensors) to correlate consumptions with operating regimes (example: energy consumptions vs ambient temperature – HVAC system);
  • dimensioning appropriate to your building with focus for the most energy-intensive systems or with potential for reducing superior energy.


  • control of the operation and state of technical building systems;
  • set system alarm levels;
  • optimization of operating regimes of technical systems.


  • platform for statistical analysis of records made by the monitoring system;
  • information of performance indicators by the minute;
  • ability to access all information remotely (web browser and application);
  • management of consumption alerts, possible anomalies and overvoltages.


  • daily monitoring of the performance of your building’s energy system;
  • delivery of energy diagnostics with analysis of all energy indicators (consumption, quality, finance charges, etc.);
  • preventive maintenance plans for energy systems;
  • financial planning for optimize energy consumption (automation, retrofit solutions, energy production systems, etc.);
  • project management to implement energy solutions;
  • support for energy efficiency financing;
  • prepare projects for an application to Community funds (P2020 and FEE).
gestão de energia

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