energy efficiency

Thinking of choosing an energy efficiency option for your building or home is an excellent argument to face the future with a more sustainable and economical and technological way.

Performing the same tasks on a daily basis with the same objectives, but with a lower consumption and energy cost, is the goal that Green World proposes to its clients, having in their offer the technological systems best suited to their needs.

  • LED lighting;
  • air conditioning and ventilation;
  • AQS – domestic hot water production;
  • photovoltaic – energy production;
  • condenser battery;
  • solar-thermal;
  • solar film for windows;
  • water heaters and boilers;
  • heat pump;
  • radiant floor – heating and cooling mode;
  • electric vehicles recharging.

In the task of choosing the best energy efficiency solution for your building or home, Green World first conducts a technical study focused on energy audit or diagnosis, a fundamental instrument for choosing the energy efficiency solution to be installed, which guarantees the relation of investment to be realized vs the energy saving.

eficiência energética

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