Green World has a technical team specialized in performing various efficiency and analysis services, in order to monitor the development of your business in a sustained and optimized way.

Our mission is to help our clients achieve their objectives in a more efficient and economical way, putting all our knowledge and experience on their side.

The accumulated experience over the last few years has enabled Green World to develop a set of energy efficiency, consulting and analysis services that include:

  • energy audits and diagnostics;
  • water audits and diagnostics;
  • expertise projects:
    • architecture
    • structures
    • electricity
    • thermal
    • acoustic
    • building waters
    • sewers
    • gas
    • ITED
    • SCIE
  • renewable energy projects;
  • lighting consultancy;
  • reduction of energy consumption;
  • action plan;
  • training in energy efficiency;
  • renegotiation of energy contracts;
  • submission of applications to investment projects;
  • prepare sustainability reports.

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