Green World provides high quality services and professionalism that stand out from the competition for flexibility and customer service. Our technical teams are certified and ready to help you achieve all your goals.

Our goal is to offer a personalized service to each customer, which meets all your needs.

certificação energética

energy certification

we make the official classification of the energy performance of your property or building.



we georeferference the information you need to assist you in decision making.



we conduct the studies and analyses that serve as a basis for better decision making, having as main objective the reduction of consumptions.



we install devices that are connected between them and that generate important data and records for our clients business activity.

gestão de energia

energy management

we provide the detailed energy consumption of your building, thus promoting cost savings.



we make an efficient and intelligent management of buildings and infrastructures.



we set goals that we propose to achieve, using for that focus and rigor in our inspection service.

eficiência energética

energy efficiency

we have a wide range of technical solutions for energy efficiency that can be adjusted to the reality of each client.

turismo sustentável

sustainable tourism

we operate to develop procedures that enable the sustainable tourism management.