Green World

The company directs its professional activity to the segments of Energy, Georeferencing and Telecommunications, always keeping in view, in its professional relationships, the establishment of a partnership relationship “win-win” with all those involved, namely our customers, partners and employees.

We work daily for a greener and more sustainable business environment by looking, in a certain way, to generate innovative products and solutions that fully meet the requirements of our Clients, as well as provide a unique service of global quality, based on the competence and friendliness of this entire Team, establishing a relationship of full trust.

We compete with a high ambition in a globalized context, on a privileged geostrategic platform between continents and markets from a country where we are precursors. Green World invests in a global future because it creates dynamism, opportunity and a vibrant attitude for both the company and its clients.

Our solutions open a world of opportunities for our customers, which allow them to implement their projects of all sustainable dimensions.

for a better world


Contributes to a greener and more sustainable business environment through the best and most innovative energy efficiency solutions, leading not only to economic and environmental advantages, but also to maintaining the required level of quality.


Provides a leading and excellence service, without neglecting human values such as sympathy and trust, where customer satisfaction is our greatest achievement.
The customer satisfaction is, for us, an essential reference.

Alentejo 2020
Portugal 2020
União Europeia

Green World, Lda. is under the Regional Operational Programme of Alentejo to develop a project under Portugal 2020, which aims to Strengthen the Competitiveness of SMEs.

Individual project – Internationalization No. 1662, going on between 01/06/2015 and 31/05/2017, representing an eligible global investment of €259,591.26 with a financing rate of 45%.